calendar + meetings

Our two main meeting times are:

Wednesday Nights: 6:30–8:30pm

Sunday Mornings: 9:30–10:15am

Discipleship Groups

Discipleship Groups meet on Wednesday Nights from 7:30-830 PM at church. The groups are divided up between

Middle School girls, High School girls, Middle School boys, and High School boys.

What We Are About

The teenage years are critically important in each person's life. During these years, the strength of one's foundation will be tested as their independence grows. At CBC, it is our goal to provide teens with a spiritually "balanced diet" so as to make sure their foundation is firmly planted in the right place–the Person of Jesus Christ–before they go off to college. To accomplish this, it is no secret that we like to have fun, but we also stress the importance of being well-disciplined in things like apologetics, theology, acts of service, etc. So in essence, our aim is to model for our teens what it looks like to follow Jesus in all categories of life and to provide opportunities for them to put their faith into practice (2 Tim 2:2).

Youth Trip to Greece


Our youth group has a fantastic opportunity to minister and partner with Petalouda Center and Community House Damaris. These organizations assist ladies that have been in the world of sex trafficking. They provide “shelter and safe environment” for them and children. We partnered with this organization 3 years ago.  We will be sending 16 youth along with adult counselors from Cornerstone. The cost is $2,500 per person. This is where we need YOUR help.

COYO also has "overpriced T-shirt" for sale: $25

•    T-shirt can be purchased on Sunday before or after the 10:45 AM service.

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