When: TBA  (Just finished our Spring Group)

Duration: 13 weeks
Where: Cornerstone Bible Church, RT Room
To Register: Go to DivorceCare.org. Find a group - Cornerstone Bible Church. Go to the Monday class, and register. Any questions, you may call Rick Godoua 770-938-2636 or email Rick@heavenlyfruitsinc.com.

What is DivorceCare about?
Divorce is widespread. It cuts a wide path of destruction. Husband, wife, children, parents, other family members, friends, neighbors, coworkers and many others are drawn into the process and hurt through divorce. Throughout our community, people are hurting from the pain of separation and divorce and they need help and will often turn to the church for help. When they come, it might be the first time they’ve set foot in a church, or they might be returning after a long time away. The church has biblical mandate to serve and care for one another as the Lord has cared for us. DivorceCare is a network of thousands of divorce recovery support groups meeting worldwide. Our goal is to help you in the context of the church, to lead an effective, weekly group that helps people experiencing separation and divorce to find help for their hurts, discover hope for the future and experience God’s healing. 

What should I expect?
DivorceCare meets weekly for 13 weeks and the support group has three key parts to your DivorceCare experience. Video Seminar, Group Discussion, and a Personal Workbook (provided). Some of the sessions will be focused on 

1. What’s happening to me 

2. Facing my anger 

3. Financial Survival 

4. New Relationships. 

The facilitators have had experience in divorce so we know your pain and difficulties. They seek to serve and help in any way to support you during this difficult time.

Get more information from DivorceCare.org