VBS 2024

The great jungle journey

June 10-14, 2024

Cornerstone Bible Church

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cbcKidz exists to plant the Word of God into the hearts and minds of the children who attend Cornerstone Bible Church. We are here to be our parents’ biggest cheerleaders as they train and teach and love their children. Psalm 78:2-4 & 7a says it best: "...we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, His power and the wonders He has done ... so that they should set their hope in God." (NIV)

cbcKidz Fall Schedule
cbcKidz Director: Debra Sanders (debra@cbclilburn.org)

Nursery (Age 6 weeks – 2yrs.) located on cbcKidz Hallway
Nursery Director: Ivy Amarh
Rotating Teams care for our little ones each Sunday morning.
Doors open @ 9:25.

Pre-School (Age 3-4) located on cbcKidz Hallway
Pre-School Director: Emily Baso
1 st Hour led by Marcus and Joyce Whatley and Paula Herbert beginning @ 9:30am
2 nd Hour led by Weekly Rotating Teams beginning @ 10:45am

Kindergarten & Elementary (K-5 th Grade)
Elementary Director: Debra Sanders
1st Hour led by Susie Prochaska, Ellen Sawtelle, Chris Tweedy & Debra Sanders
1st Hour class meets in the Choir Room (directly behind the sanctuary) @ 9:30am.
2nd Hour Children’s Church led by Debbie Bryant & Lauri Petty
K-5 kids begin by joining their families in the worship service; they are dismissed to the
Youth Room right before the sermon begins.

Practical Information for All Three "LEGS" of cbcKidz

  • Doors open @ 9:25 on Sunday morning.
  • If you haven't done so already, please complete a 2022-23 Family Registration Form

Sick Policy

Please keep your child at home should he/she show any of these contagious symptoms: head cold or runny nose * coughing * sneezing * earache or sore throat * diarrhea * nausea or vomiting * pink eye or other eye infection * rash or skin eruption (other than diaper rash or facial rash from drooling) * fever over 99.5 degrees F.


Please visit the cbcKidz announcements page for monthly updates.

Download the announcements in pdf format

Download the 2023-24 Volunteer Application for Adults form

Download the 2023-24 Volunteer Application for Teens form

Download the 2023-24 cbcKidz Family Registration form

Download the 2023-24 Child Protection Policy

Download the 2023-24 Statement of Faith

Download the current cbcKidz Bible Memory Verses

Download the current cbcKidz Bible Memory Verses Part 2

Download the current Children's Church Bible Memory Passage


Our Nursery volunteers, led by Ivy Amarh, strive to provide excellent care for the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of our babies and toddlers (6 weeks – 2years.) While the primary focus is to care for their physical needs, we hope to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere that helps the children feel secure. Furthermore, through music and play and Bible stories, we hope to communicate basic truths about our great and mighty God.

Pre-School (Ages 3&4)

Three goals drive the PS ministry:

  • To care for the children’s physical and emotional needs in such a way that their parents can rest easy, knowing that their child is in good hands.
  • To create an atmosphere that brings glory to God. We want these little ones to look forward to their time in class.
  • To continue the process of planting the Word of God into the hearts and minds of these children. 


“He Has Spoken by His Word,” a Biblically solid curriculum produced by Truth 78 (Truth78.org), is the New Testament curriculum our Pre-School class will be following this fall. This chronological teaching of New Testament stories aims to acquaint our children with a great big God. Music, games, puppet shows, story time and old-fashioned teaching are all tools in our basket to share these Truths from the Bible with our pre-schoolers. Our desire is to seize these teachable moments to influence the next generation with the power and truth of the Gospel.

Kindergarten thru 5th grade (K-5)

Our 1 st Hour cbcKidz classes, Children’s Church and VBS (Vacation Bible School) work together to give our K - 5 th Graders a solid foundation of Biblical Truth.

The Answers in Genesis (AIG) curriculum, which both 1st Hour classes and VBS utilize, is not for the “faint-hearted.” In about 4 years (200 lessons, 20 units), the kids will journey from Genesis to Revelation. This material does not shy away from challenging portions of the Scripture. Drama, music, games and old-fashioned teaching are all tools in our basket to share the Truth of the Bible with our elementary kids.

During Second Hour, K-5 kids are encouraged to fully participate in the first part of the worship service with their families. They are dismissed right before the sermon to join veteran teachers in the Youth Room for Children’s Church. Our teachers employ a variety of activities and special events to build community and to further the kids’ understanding of the Bible and what it means to be a Christ follower.

cbcKidz places a high priority on the memorization of Scripture. While all legs of cbcKidz devote significant amounts of time to Bible Memory, our elementary children take it to another level, memorizing both significant passages and key verses.

Mark your calendar: VBS 2024 June 10-14

cbcKidz Volunteers

It takes an “army” of volunteers to carry out the mission of cbcKidz throughout the year. If you enjoy kids and are passionate about communicating the Word of God to the next generation, talk with Debra Sanders or others already on the team to learn more about the various roles that our volunteers fill. Though many of our teachers have served for multiple years (or even decades), we are usually looking for one-year commitments for our lead teachers and helpers. Other very important, though less time consuming opportunities, develop as the year unfolds. Many of our current “super” teachers got their start helping a veteran. This could be you! Pray about the possibilities!