Our Mission and Vision


Mission & Vision

Cornerstone exists to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ at home and abroad.

  • find

    Our desire is to FIND un-discipled people and help them grow in Christ.  Finding ministries include outreach, events, and community involvement.

  • Fold

    We want to FOLD people into God's family.  All of us desire relationships where we connect and encourage one another. Our folding ministries range from men's and women's small groups to greeting people on Sundays.

  • Feed

    Our goal is to FEED people into maturity.  We want to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and make mature followers of our Lord and Savior.  Our feeding ministries encompass Sunday mornings, Sunday school, Men of the Word (MOW), and Women in Scripture (WIS). 

  • forward

    Our passion is to FORWARD people into His mission.  As we find, fold, and feed people to maturity, we want to support and send people both locally and abroad to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and make more mature followers. We currently support over 15 missionaries or mission agencies.

2023 Impact Report

We are excited to share with you what God has been doing at Cornerstone from 2022 to 2023!

Check out our impact report below:

2023 Impact report

10 goals in 10 years



Born out of prayer and faith, envisioning what God might want to do through Cornerstone Bible Church in the future, these goals emerged from our unchanging mission and vision of making disciples. They will equip and give direction for our church, but will be held with prayerfully open hands that we might follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit to new paths. Join us in prayer and in the growing conversation about these goals, as we move forward together as one body in the unity of the Spirit.


1. Create 10 to 20 Discipleship Groups (Find, Fold, Feed)

  • These groups will be family groups, men-only groups, women-only groups, and young adult groups.
  • These groups will use the Bible or discipleship material.
  • These groups will focus on Scripture, fellowship, prayer, and practice of our faith.
  • Groups will be encouraged to have a meal together (not required, but preferred).
  • Groups will be encouraged to take place in homes (not required, but preferred).
  • We encourage groups to be NO MORE than 8 to 10 adults or 3 to 4 families.
  • People will pick one group and stay in that group for a specified time period.
  • All groups will be “open,” which means people can be added at any time.
  • Groups will meet between 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • Group may meet any day of the week, but not on Sunday during 1st or 2nd hour.
  • Groups are encouraged to meet for 1 year and then reevaluate and/or form two new groups to welcome more people into our Discipleship Groups.
  • Selected individuals will be mentored to start other Discipleship Groups.
  • Other small group ministries will continue and will be encouraged to bring the Discipleship Group distinctives to their groups.

2. Create Specialized Groups as Needed (Fold, Feed)

  • Individuals from our Discipleship Groups that desire to grow emotionally or who get “stuck” in the discipleship process can attend a Restoring Your Heart Group. 
  • These groups will be “closed” men-only or women-only groups due to the sensitive nature of what is discussed.
  • Groups could go through the three courses provided by WDA: Processing Pain, Understanding Emotions, and Conquering Shame. 
  • Afterwards, individuals would go back to a Discipleship Group.


3. Establish an Adult Sunday Academy (Feed)

  • Have one Sunday Academy Bible class with a focus on studying a book of the Bible, Doctrine(s) of the Bible, or a character in the Bible.
  • Have one Sunday Academy Life-Oriented class that addresses common questions or issues we face as Christians in the world. Possible classes could include topics such as Finances, Spiritual Gifts, Parenting, Social Issues, Politics, Relationships,   and more.


4. Develop 10 to 20 new Christian Leaders (Feed)

  • Train and equip present or future ministry leaders, Deacons, and Elders.
  • Selected individuals will attend a 2-year leadership course (such as WDA). 


5. Find, Support and Forward 3 New Missionaries (Forward)

  • Actively pursue finding three new missionaries or mission agencies to support.
  • Evaluate our support of our current missionaries.

6. Engage 25 to 30 Individuals in Local Outreach (Find)

  • Actively train and forward individuals from our church into the Lilburn area.
  • Suggested outreach ministries are Lilburn Co-op, the Good News Club, and NG3.
  • Discipleship Groups for people interested in learning more about Christianity.

7. Revitalize our CBC Campus (Find, Fold, Feed)

  • Our CBC Campus will undergo a much-needed revitalization to benefit the process of making mature disciples.
  • Each year a certain percentage of funds will be actively raised from our congregation to restore, replace, or improve our CBC campus.
  • Revitalization will include the need to replace A/C units, paint walls, replace carpets, repave the parking lot, and much more.
  • Have a Facilities Manager who oversees the routine upkeep of the building and grounds and revitalization projects.

8. Focus and Expand Corporate Worship (Find, Fold, Feed)

  • Have a worship leader for Sunday AM service who integrates praise music, hymns, prayer, communion, and announcements into a single, coordinated, cohesive worship experience with the preaching.
  • Teach and equip attendees on the importance of worship and how to actively engage in collective worship.
  • Integrate worship into CBC ministries such as, cbcKidz, adults, and local outreach.
  • Actively pursue and give opportunities to those in the body with musical skills to assist in collective worship.
  • Use special worship events to outreach to the local communities.

9. Expand our Youth and College-Aged Ministries (Find, Fold, Feed, Forward)

  • Have a youth pastor or youth director that carries out CBC’s mission and vision with the middle school, high school, and college-aged students.
  • Partner with parents of the youth through quarterly meetings to address needs and support for the program.
  • Recruit, train, and support youth and college-aged students to take on leadership roles and responsibilities in the Youth and College-Aged Ministries.
  • Establish and maintain age-appropriate Discipleship Groups that will be separated by male and female.
  • Plan yearly local outreach events and mission trips.
  • Partner more with local schools in sporting events or school programs.
  • Create a social media network or application program to connect the students.

10.   Enhance our cbcKidz Ministry (Find, Fold, Feed)

  • Incorporate music and drama into cbcKidz to help the children understand   Biblical truths through different mediums.
  • Support families of young children through mentoring, family events, and educating on current issues, such as social media, pornography, and gender dysphoria.
  • Create a new play area outside for children to play.