Community Outreach

CBC mission is to make disciples at home. To do this we must be engaged in our local community.  Below is a list of ways we share the Gospel and make disciples in our Lilburn area.

CBC is also committed to making disciples in our church by sending them on short-term missions trips. We want them to serve others, share the Gospel, and see how big our God is as they go to other countries around the world.

  • Short Term Trips

    Since we are such a "mission-minded" church, it's not surprising that each year we see a variety of CBC short term mission trips take place around the globe--both from adult and teenage volunteers. Our goal in this is never to go for our own sakes (like a vacation), but rather to connect with a local church or missionary and assist them as best we can according to their stated needs (rather than what we might think they need). Some of our recent mission work has been in conjunction with ministries in these locations:

    • Kingston, Jamaica (Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf, intermittently from 1994-present)
    • Costa Rica (intermittently from 1996-present)
    • Athens, Greece (2018, 2023)
    • Numerous locations in Asia, Africa and South America via Wycliffe Bible Translators (e.g. teaching ESL each summer)
    • Various locations around the US (e.g. West Virginia, Arkansas, Mississippi, to name a few)
  • Good News Club @ Camp Creek Elementary

    Good News Club is about two hours each Monday afternoon, from 3 to 5:15pm.  Each year we start in September.

    What do we do at Good News Club? The kids worship with songs, hear a Bible lesson with a Gospel presentation and participate in small group discussion. 

    We are looking for volunteers to come help lead small groups of students in discussion of the lesson, memory verse review and just getting to know these kids. You will be trained and equipped to take the Good News to our Jerusalem, Camp Creek Elementary. If you feel led, sign up to volunteer at You will be blessed!


    Kay’s Pantry

    We serve clients in our community by providing food to families in need on a bi-weekly basis for those who are unable to receive full food stamps through the Department of Family and Children Services. For more information, go to

    Cornerstone Bible Church supports the Lilburn Co-Op by collecting items for Kay's Pantry. Donations can be brought to the church and left in the trunk by the main office door. We also participate in the "Angel Tree" ministry by supplying gifts to individuals at Christmas-time. See Rose Carter for more details.

Operation Christmas Child

Since 1993, God has used Samaritan’s Purse to deliver

over 200 million Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts 

to children in need and disciple 50 million of these boys and girls.

We collected 156 boxes in November 2023. Also, 13 people when to work at Operation Christmas Child warehouse to ship the boxes to Africa.

Next year, Cornerstone Bible Church's goal is to fill another 150 boxes. We encourage you to pray about how you can be a part of what God is doing here locally. 

Please join us next time in November, 2024.

Click below to watch a video about the impact of this ministry.

Video of Operation CHristmas Child

To find out more information or how to donate online.


The Christmas Event 2023 Video

Below is a recap of our Christmas Event held at the Lilburn Activity Building on December 3, 2023.

Thank you to all our workers that made this possible.

Mark your calendars for the event next December, 2024.