CBC holds a major commitment to world missions. From our earliest days, we asked God to make us not only a supporting agency for the cause of world missions, but also a sending agency. The Lord has honored this request! Most of the missionary families we support call CBC their church home.

  • Short Term Trips

    Since we are such a "mission-minded" church, it's not surprising that each year we see a variety of CBC  short term mission trips take place around the globe--both from adult and teenage volunteers. Our goal in this is never to go for our own sakes (like a vacation), but rather to connect with a local church or missionary and assist them as best we can according to their stated needs (rather than what we might think they need). Some of our recent mission work has been in conjunction with ministries in these locations:

    • Kingston, Jamaica (Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf, intermittently from 1994-present)
    • Costa Rica (intermittently from 1996-present)
    • Athens, Greece (2018, upcoming 2023)
    • Numerous locations in Asia, Africa and South America via Wycliffe Bible Translators (e.g. teaching ESL each summer)
    • Various locations around the US (e.g. West Virginia, Arkansas, Mississippi, to name a few)
  • Good News Club @ Camp Creek Elementary

    Good News Club runs from September to May. After a break for the summer it is starting back up on September 5th and will run until mid-November.

    The Good News Club is a Christian after school program at Camp Creek Elementary that meets on our church campus from 3:30-5:00pm every Monday. A mandatory training and online form is required for new workers.  More information can be found at cefonline.comSee Jennifer Hinson for details.