Who We Are:

Our goal is to gather, refresh, and connect women with one another to grow together as disciples of Jesus Christ.

  • We REFRESH through God's Word and fellowship with one another for day retreats or occasional weekends away in a beautiful setting.
  • We GATHER together at quarterly activities to build community.
  • We CONNECT together through women-specific Discipleship Groups and Specialized Groups.

Upcoming Events:

  • Women's Retreat, September 6-8, at the Hinton Center in Hayesville, NC (Registration is full.  Contact Julie Piccini if you have an interest in going if any openings become available.)

Previous Events:

  • Women's Breakfast, May 11, 10 AM to 12 PM, at Cornerstone Bible Church

Women's Discipleship Groups

Cornerstone Bible Church maintains a vibrant ministry to women both inside and outside of the church.  Our most visible ministries are women’s small groups, which is part of the church’s “D-Group” ministry of deliberate discipleship.

Find a women's group that fits your schedule! 


Looking for the WIS study notes?  Click HERE.

What's Unique about Women's Discipleship Groups?

All of our D-Groups strive to have four key aspects (Scriptures, Prayer, Fellowship, Practice) that are fleshed out through discussion and other opportunities.  Each group carries these aspects differently, but with the same goal - to make disciples of Jesus Christ.
  1. Study of the Scriptures (the Bible);
  2. Sharing of life together with God through Prayer requests and reflection;
  3. Fellowship gatherings outside of the regular small group time;
  4. Putting into Practice our faith by encouraging one another to carry out the Gospel in our lives and by providing real-world opportunities for the group to practice together.

For questions about "Women In Scripture groups", please contact Debbie Bryant (dbryant@acsheatair.com) or Sheila Farmer (farmer.sheila0727@gmail.com).

For questions about other women's groups, please contact Pastor Rob (rob@cbclilburn.org).


Specialized groups are designed to focus on one of the four aspects described in discipleship groups or when a person finds themselves stuck in the discipleship process. These groups meet for a season. Sometimes the season is short and sometimes longer or more regular. Each group focuses on one "specialized" topic. 

Perhaps one of these groups listed can meet some of your needs for personal and spiritual growth.