Discipleship and Specialized Groups

Our approach to small group discipleship ministry is to think in terms of "Discipleship Groups" and "Specialized Groups".  Both of these groups are intended to help us all grow in our discipleship as we follow Jesus.  They have different focuses to meet people where they are in their particular season of life.

  • Discipleship Groups

    Discipleship Groups focus on integrating four aspects of our faith through a small community of people to support and encourage each other in the faith.  Here are the four aspects:

    • Fellowship
    • Scripture
    • Prayer
    • Practice

    There are groups available for the youth through our youth group, young adults through College & Career, and adult groups for men and women.  We hope to also add family groups in the future!

    See what group fits your schedule!


  • Specialized groups

    Specialized groups are designed to focus on one of the four aspects described in discipleship groups or when a person finds themselves stuck in the discipleship process.  Groups that you may find:

    • Groups that meet to pray together for the church family and beyond
    • Groups that help you meet and fellowship with people
    • Groups that help in healing emotionally
    • And more!
    Take a look at what groups are being offered and see what might be helpful to you!