Cornerstone Bible Church has a history of supporting missionaries around the world and locally. The command of Christ in Matthew 28:18–20 is part of our church DNA. We want to make disciples around the world and in every nation. Below is the list of missionaries CBC has supported since its beginning.

  • Cliff & Judy Anderson

    This dynamic couple met and married at the age of 40, had a baby at age 41, and headed to the mission field at age 42! Serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators (WBT) in the Philippines for several years, Cliff used his IT expertise to support the translators there. Cliff and Judy now serve on the team at JAARS Center (Jungle Aviation and Radio Service) in Waxhaw, North Carolina, an arm of Wycliffe that provides equipment, training, and high-tech services to Bible translators in field locations around the world.

  • Boyden & Lois Donmoyer

    Another longtime Wycliffe Bible Translators (WBT) couple, Boyden and Lois served 21 years in Peru before returning to Stone Mountain to work in the WBT Southeast Regional Office for another 20 years. Now retired, they serve in various ministry roles for both Wycliffe and CBC. Boyden recently retired from the CBC Board of Elders.

  • Don & Ruth may

    Don and Ruth are another couple dedicated to the task of Bible translation for minority people groups. They joined Wycliffe Bible Translators from the pews of CBC in 1993. Ruth has served in a number of roles and now works in finance for the Eurasia Area. She is the bookkeeper for two groups working in dozens of languages. In 2013 Don became a retired member of Wycliffe, after 20 years of service with SIL International Administration, the Eurasia Area and the Americas Areas. Don was a Manager Trainer, Area Training Coordinator, International Leadership Development Coach, Cross-cultural Curriculum Developer and Project Funding Coordinator. They live in the Atlanta area and have four married adult children and nine grand children. 

  • Dan & trica miller

    The Millers joined Wycliffe Bible Translators in 1975 and worked in the Philippines from 1978 to 1994.  Dan serves as an airplane and helicopter pilot/mechanic.  Tricia helps in accounting and secretarial roles.  The Millers are presently at the JAARs Center in Waxhaw, NC.  Dan is the Assistant to the Helicopter Operations Coordinator and helps supervise helicopter operations in the U.S. for training and public relations events.

  • Argyris & Dina Petrou

    Argyris and Dina Petrou are serving the Lord with AMG International in Greece. The Lord has called Argyris to step by faith into a full-time teaching position at the Greek Bible College, after 10 years of pastoral experience in Toronto and Piraeus, 8 years in the evangelistic and publishing work of AMG Greece, and 12 years in the leadership of the Greek Evangelical Alliance.

    In addition to serving as a professor at the Greek Bible College (the only Bible school in Greece), he is also a preacher and ordained minister of the Greek Evangelical Church and a published author through the Greek publishing house, O LOGOS.

    At the same time, the Lord called Dina to a cutting-edge ministry at the fringe of society after years of being a pastor's wife and a mom. After serving for 8 years as a visitor-witness to downtown Athens brothels every Wednesday morning, now she is founding the House of Damaris, a Christian safe house for victims of trafficking and prostitution. 

    Argyris and Dina have three sons: Mark, Erik, and Erastos.

  • Gene & martha purvis

    This energetic couple served 12 years in Costa Rica before returning to Lawrenceville in 1998. Currently, Gene and Martha work with Camino Global planting Hispanic churches in the Southeast.

  • Paul & kathy schmidt

    Paul serves as a translation consultant to many projects all over the world.  Currently, he works with the Hona teaming Nigeria.  Paul and Kathy have four daughters: Lydia, Anna, Grace and Kathryn.

  • Lawrence & barbara trumbower

    Lawrence and Barbara Trumbower are missionaries with Grace Ministries Int'l. in Grand Rapids, MI. Their ministry goal is to make known the Word of God, its teachings, principles for life, and message of salvation, to as many individuals in Puerto Rico as possible. The means by which they do this is radio, through the 3-station Rock Radio Network. Lawrence is the engineer, responsible for keeping the stations on the air and functioning properly. He also takes care of legal matters for the FCC, and maintains the computer automation systems to keep the programs flowing on-air. They live on the south coast of Puerto Rico at the site of station WCGB. The couple also prepares visual presentations of the collection of the Maurice Hammond Bible Study charts in both Spanish and English.

  • Chad & Becky White

    Chad and Becky have been members of Wycliffe since 1999. Chad is the application administrator for the Ethnologue. He oversees development and maintenance of our systems and applications which include the website, Ethnologue.com, the databases, the editorial interface and several wikis. He also typesets the three volume printed edition of the Ethnologue.

    Chad and Becky have 5 children: Josiah (21), Micah (19), Ethan (17), Tirzah (8) and Eliyana (1). They live in near Atlanta, GA.

  • GideonS International

    Cornerstone has supported the Gideons for years. The Gideons International is an Association of Christian business and professional men and their wives dedicated to telling people about Jesus through sharing personally and by providing Bibles and New Testaments. While they are known worldwide for their work with hotels, they predominantly share Scriptures in schools and colleges, prisons and jails, hospitals, and medical offices. Visit their website at www.gideons.org.

  • Mission India

    Cornerstone supports Mission India because it is reaching out to the largest unreached nation in the world. Over 400 million people in India have never heard the name of Jesus. Mission India, together with other ministry partners, is radiating the love of Christ to India's invisible and too-often ignored people groups through Children's Bible Clubs, Adult Literacy Classes, and Church Planter Training. Visit their website at www.missionindia.org.

  • Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf (CCCD)

    Cornerstone supports and regularly sends short-term mission teams to CCCD. The Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf operates three schools on the island of Jamaica. They are residential facilities that allows them to bring in the rural deaf that would otherwise not have access to the gospel of Jesus Christ or to a language, basic education or vocational training. Visit their website at www.cccdjamaica.org.

  • Parkview Christian Learning Center

    Parkview Christian Learning Center, a Gwinnett county Released Time organization offers religious courses to Parkview High School students. Started in 2002 by Everett Bracken, our former CBC youth pastor, over 700 students have taken PCLC classes. The class meets every day during 7th period at CBC.  The goal of the PCLC class is to provide excellent teachers, transformative curriculum, and a welcoming environment.  Students are encouraged to practice what they learn to see God's Truth come alive.