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Sunday May, 17th

2020 Challenges for K-5

FINISH STRONG!! - This is it! Our last week!!

COVID-19 Challenge Earn extra points as you "wrap-up" your notebook.

Bible Memory Challenge I – Complete Week #7. Focus on Mathew 28:19 and I Timothy 4:12.

These were the verses introduced at the Missions Conference. Also, I Timothy is one of the songs linked below.

Bible Memory Challenge II – Proverbs 3:1-13

Text "Miss" Lauri (770-841-3541) to schedule a time to recite. Absolute deadline is Saturday, June 6th.

Notebooks are to be turned in next Tuesday, June 9th from 10am - noon at the church. You will drive thru the north parking lot overhang.

"Miss" Debra will be there to meet you. If that time does not work, either call, text or email "Miss" Debra @ 404-933-2193 or debra@cbclilburn.org

to schedule an alternate time. To see details about how to complete your notebook, view our You Tube video (Challenge Notebook Info).

Celebration "Sunday" for K-5

Celebration Sunday, which was originally scheduled for June 14th, has been postponed.

New date and time will be announced next Monday.


Weekly Lesson Video for K-5

The Challenge Notebook Information video replaces our regular lesson video.

Lesson video to resume next week.

Weekly Lesson Video & Papers for PS & Nursery

Stephen, full of the Holy Spirit, shows great courage and love towards those who persecute him.

Join "Miss" Joyce as she shares these events.

Welcome Back Slideshow

We want Covid-19 pictures from everyone! Deadline Wednesday, June 10! Include pictures of casts and projects

and fun! We want to share the picture story of how our families struggled and survived and

sometimes thrived during COVID-19. Email pictures to debra@cbclilburn.org.

Download a pdf of this week's announcements.

Weekly Lesson Resources

During these Covid-19 restrictions, Answers in Genesis (AIG) has temporarily allowed us to give our families digital access to our teacher guides. Should you as a parent wish to see in detail what your children are learning and how it is presented, now is the time to check it out. Only two weeks remain. Parents of younger children can check it out as well. Email Debra Sanders (debra@cbclilburn.org) if you wish to receive this invitation. Respond to the email invitation each Thursday from AIG to access this temporary site. Then, create your own user-name and PW.

These resources are for our K-5 kids.

cbcKidz Praise Team

(K-5 and Pre-school)

Keep singing these songs. One day we will be called upon to lead worship; we need to be ready.