Transition Q & A

What is Happening?

Cornerstone Bible Church is going through a well-thought out, planned transition of our Senior Pastor.  Pastor Doug McIntosh has served God for over 46 years at Cornerstone Bible Church. Eight years ago, the Elders started a search for the next Senior Pastor.  In 2014, the Elders brought on Pastor Peter O'Neill to transition into the Senior Pastor role over a 4-year period. 

We officially installed Pastor Peter on January 7, 2018 as our Senior Pastor.  We are excited about this next chapter at our church and look forward to see where God leads us. 

What is this all about?

Below is a series of questions people have asked about the transition.  This information is to help you understand, process, and get excited about what God is doing here at Cornerstone Bible Church.

Questions & Answers

Q: With Doug’s retirement date moved to Dec 31, 2017, has the schedule changed for Peter’s transition into the Senior Pastor role?  

A: Yes, Peter became the Senior Pastor on Jan 1, 2018.  Pastor Peter was officially installed as Senior Pastor on January 7, 2018.

Q: What is the transition plan between Doug and Peter regarding Sunday First Hour classes? 

A: Our Sunday School classes will continue with Pastor Peter and other teaching classes.

Q: What qualifications are we looking for in an Associate Pastor?

A: The Associate Pastor job description is available from the church office, and includes requirements regarding education, family, discipleship, and counseling.  We are looking for someone who is a "people-person", can manage our discipleship process, can organize our evangelism efforts, and will help with the shepherding duties to our congregation.

Q: Who is on the Associate Pastor search committee?

A: The Associate Pastor search committee is comprised of Jeff Daniell, Kim Callaway, Thomas Hinson, Peter O’Neill, and Matt Smartt.

Q: Will Doug disappear in January 1, 2018?

A: Doug will continue to attend Cornerstone while he is battling his cancer.  We want to love him and Cheryl through this process.  After Doug feels better, he may be gone for about a year to give Peter time to be established as Senior Pastor. 

Q: What information can you share regarding vision casting and future planning?

A: The vision of Cornerstone has and will always be to make passionate follower of Jesus Christ.  Detailed goals for 2018 will come in the future. Right now we are focusing on staffing our church for the future and developing this future vision and plan.

Q: Will the Associate Pastor be taking the administrator responsibilities now performed by Lee Tate?

A: The gifts and skills of the Associate Pastor may determine what responsibilities they end up assuming. The administrative responsibilities are not presently a part of the Associate Pastor job description.

Q: Are we waiting on the Associate Pastor hire to move forward with the transition?

A: No. We are working towards a smooth transition, focusing on keeping the core CBC ministries in place and healthy. Remember that we have been through a transition already with Pastor Chuck Taylor, who retired as Associate Pastor.

Q: Do we have plans to add to or rotate members on and off the church elder board?

A: 1.  The church bylaws do not address term limits for church elders.

    2. Doug rotated off the CBC board of elders January 1, 2018. The board is already looking at this.

    3. The church bylaws specify a maximum of elders. The board of elders currently has 7 members, which seems to be a good functioning number.


Q: Will the audio recordings remain on the CBC website?

A:  1. Yes. Doug has granted the church permission to use his material, even after his retirement.

     2. Doug will create his own website in the future with other teaching materials.

Q: Does Doug plan to put his sermons into book form?

A: Probably not, but he may work on new books that will contain material he has used in sermons.

Q: What can the church body do to support you?

A:  1. Pray

     2. Continue to ask questions, either by e-mail to the office, or directly to elders and staff

     3. Go out of your way to support our staff, pastors, and elders.  They are working very hard to make this transition smooth and God-honoring.

Q: Where is this church headed?

A: Our mission has always been to passionately make disciples of Jesus Christ.  We will continue to Find, Fold, Feed, and Forward the people of God. We will disciple holistically from the head, to the heart to the feet. We will be focusing on staffing our church for the future, shaping our disciple-making process, engaging more CBC people in our community, continuing our deep, biblical preaching and teaching, as well as pursuing the future in unity and hope.

When is Pastor Doug Retiring?

Pastor Doug plans to retire August 31, 2018. 

Pastor Doug plans to continue to make his sermons and study-material available to those who wish to use it.

In the meantime, Peter and Doug continue to meet regularly, and are working on a transition schedule.  Pastor Peter willing be taking over as our new Senior Pastor September 1, 2018.

What kind of Associate Pastor are we looking for?

The Associate Pastor job description is available HERE:  

AP Job Description

The job description includes requirements regarding education, family, discipleship, and counseling.  The Associate Pastor will oversee the discipleship ministries at Cornerstone as well as other duties.

All application can be sent to:

OR 869 Cole Dr. Lilburn, GA  30047