Worship on campus

On Sunday, May 30, 

we no longer required masks or social distancing. 

No sign ups are required.

However, a reserved section will be available for those

who wish to continue to wear masks and social distance. 

Please sign up for this reserved section HERE.

You can read more about our policies HERE.


New covid update

COVID UPDATES 6.30.21 (as they affect building use and ministry):

Cleaning & Sanitization
-part-time janitors sanitize once a week
-evening janitors sanitize once a week
-small groups no longer required to sanitize
-sanitization supplies will be in each classroom/restroom if individuals wish to sanitize before/after their own use

Food & Drink
-Continue individually packaged communion cups
-No Coffee bar at this time
-CBCKidz will have individual bottled water/drinks or individual dixie cups of water and individual wrapped snack food prepared by gloved workers.
-The CBC Kitchen can be re-opened with the following changes: Limit to 6 people in the kitchen at one time and spread out using all available counter space. Each prep person should have washed their hands and be gloved (and wearing a mask if they have not been fully vaccinated). Each team must sanitize the kitchen after their work.
-Continue having picnics OUTSIDE through October.  These need to be catered or prepared with the kitchen instructions above.
- NO POTLUCKS or events where food is brought from individuals and served in a buffet style with shared utensils. Events must be catered and served by gloved servers.
-The water fountains in the building will remain turned OFF.

-Former Greeters will be reinstated with former duties as availability allows
-Former Ushers will be reinstated with former duties as availability allows (they will hand out bulletins with no gloves)
- NO sign-in books will be used to record attendance.
- NO pens will be available in the foyer.
- Other items that could be shared or touched by multiple hands should not be out for public consumption.