Soul Care

The "Soul" in Soul Care is defined as, “the inner person, the real person, which outlasts its physical home; the place where emotional pain is felt, where true worship is offered, and where personal values reside.” 

— Dr. Doug McIntosh

Soul Care – the building up and sustaining of a healthy inner life in Christ.

The Soul Care Ministry purpose is twofold—inwardly, to facilitate the growth of strong, godly inner lives; outwardly, to extend those lives into our community and God's world.

For more information, please contact Cheryl McIntosh at (404) 295-5778.

Events and More


Save the Date!

The 8th Annual Soul Care Retreat was held March 10-12, 2017 at the Georgia Baptist Conference Center, Toccoa. Julie White, ambassador with Revive Our Hearts (Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth ministry) was the speaker. The theme was "The Faith of a Three Legged Stool". Julie is an incredibly gifted vibrant and challenging speaker. She speaks on the grass roots level of practical and applicable faith. She seeks to quicken women to live their faith from within out into their world.

Soul Sustenance:

A quarterly gathering of women from all generations for fellowship. Each meeting will include a discussion topic relating to the nurture of our souls.

Details to follow. For questions, contact Cheryl McIntosh (404) 295-5778. 

Soul Care Executive Board:

Cheryl McIntosh — Coordinator

Katie Ahlenius

Sandra Clements

Katie Farmer

Jennifer Hinson

Paulette Lilley

Cami O'Neill

Susie Prochaska

Debra Sanders

Abby Schulte

Sarah Tate

Contact Information:

The Soul Care ministry uses the facilities of Cornerstone Bible Church, 869 Cole Drive, Lilburn, Georgia 30047. Phone (770) 806-0005. 

Cheryl can be contacted via telephone or email. 

Cheryl: (404) 295-5778